Wrtg 291 Writing Assignment 4 Peer review

Wrtg 291 Writing Assignment 4 Peer review

Writing Assignment #4 will be a peer review of another student’s personal research narrative.
In this assignment, you will answer a list of questions about the student’s paper.
You will include two documents when you submit the assignment. You will submit both the
essay that you reviewed as well as your peer review of the essay when you submit the
Questions to Answer When Writing Your Peer Review
In writing the peer review, please read the paper carefully and answer the following questions.
1. Is the student’s research journey apparent when reading the personal research narrative?
2. Does the student describe steps he or she took while researching? Note how the essay
from Bergmann does this on page 162. Does the student do this?
3. Is the reader clear about what he or she already knew about the subject before
4. Is the reader clear about what he or she learned about the subject while researching?
5. Bergmann says, “Although the personal research narrative does not take the form of an
argument, often an argument underlies it or emerges from it” (p. 160). Can you see the
underlying argument the writer is making in the paper?
6. Bergmann says on page 161 that “transitions and cues to your purpose and to your
response to sources are particularly important for your readers…” (p. 161). Does the
writer incorporate transitions and cues in this manner?
7. Does the essay have a strong introductory paragraph and a clear thesis statement?
8. Does the writer use the personal pronoun “I”? Remember this is a personal research
narrative, so the writer should use the pronoun “I.”
9. Does each paragraph begin a new topic, perhaps a new topic in the research journey?
10. Are there a sufficient number of sources integrated into the essay to make the personal
research narrative rich and robust? The instructions ask for at least 10 sources.
11. Are at least six of the sources scholarly sources? The instructions ask that at least six be
scholarly sources.
12. Are any terms in need of clarification or definition? In other words, as a reader, did you
need clarification or definition of any terms or concepts in the essay?
13. Can you identify some concepts or strategies in They Say/I Say that were incorporated
into this personal research narrative?
There is no word count minimum or maximum for your peer review. Please answer the
questions from the previous page and be as thorough as you feel is necessary

Wrtg 291 Writing Assignment 4 Peer review
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