Why do you believe it to be an appropriate referral for Mr. Potts specifically?

Based on what you have learned about available community resources in Wayne County, New York, and based upon your work with Mr. Potts, prepare a report addressed to \”Supervisor Rexford\” that identifies at least 3 community resources (these can be any combination of treatment, prevention, education, etc.) that you believe would be an appropriate referral for Mr. Potts.

For each community resource you identify, address the following:

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Why do you believe it to be an appropriate referral for Mr. Potts specifically?

What do you believe Mr. Potts will get out of the referral to this resource?

What is your goal for Mr. Potts in terms of referring Mr. Potts to this resource?

Rank each of the 3 resources to which you referred Mr. Potts, from most needed to least needed.

You should also address whether you believe this community lacks any other resources for Mr. Potts to which you would have made a referral if it existed in this county.

Make quick comments on what Mrs. Potts and the two girls need as well.

The back story to MR. Potts and Family:

Anthony Potts has been convicted of an alcohol-related driving offense and has been sentenced to 3 years probation as part of his sentence. Mr. Potts has been married to Anna Potts for 18 years, they have two children: Sarah, 10, and Cindy, 11.
Mr. Potts owns retail stores, works long hours during the week and weekends, he is not a involved father. His pattern is, he goes out to with his partners and drink alcohol until closing. He typically drives drunk.
Mrs.Potts, is very guarded about her husband\’s drinking history. Communication between Mrs. Potts and Mr. Potts is very pore.
Since your last meeting with Mr. Potts, you learn that he does not spend much quality time sober with his children. Mr. Potts sleeps only 4-5 hours per night and is typically hung over the next day after being out drinking the night before.
He is very impatience, chain smokes, and has many regrets in his life (although drinking is not yet one of them).
When asked about his children, he knows very little about them. He cannot recall ever doing any activity with either of them, whether individually or together. However, he expects much of his children
Mr. and Mrs. Potts travel frequently as a couple, The children do not come on these trips. There are about two per year, each lasting for 1 week. Mrs. Potts decides and plans for everything including child care when they travel. During these trips, Mr. Potts is intoxicated most of the time, Mrs. Potts is left to deal with his intoxication, embarrassing behavior, and other antics.

Mr. Potts has a heart condition and has suffered from three heart attacks in the past 6 years. In addition, he had triple bypass surgery 18 months ago. He takes numerous medications for his heart condition.
The doctors have advised him explicitly that Mr. Potts must stop drinking if he wants to live, he continues to drink and smoke excessively. His wife and children have spent numerous days and nights at the hospital while he recovered from his surgery and heart attacks.

Sarah, the 10-year old, dotes on her father whenever she has the opportunity. She sympathizes with him, gets him beers out of the refrigerator when he is home drinking, and is always trying to take the stress away from the family caused by Mr. Potts\’s drinking.

Cindy, the 11-year old, is an angry child. She lashes out verbally and behaviorally at both her parents. Her parents do not know it, but she has recently began self-mutilating behaviors in the form of cutting her forearms, writing the words \”help me\” with a knife.
With regard to treatment resources for Wayne County residents, the following are programs that serve Wayne County and its residents:

A program in Geneva, New York called the Chemical Dependency Detoxification Program serves Wayne County residents and is operated by Geneva Regional Health System.

There are 12-step programs including Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Alateen groups in Wayne County as well as a Narcotics Anonymous Chapter.

With regard to prevention and education, Delphi Drug Abuse Center, which has a program for Wayne County youth in the form of prevention counseling services.

The Council on Alcoholism & Other Chemical Dependencies of the Finger Lakes has a prevention, education, information, and referral program for Wayne County.



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