What are three questions you should ask yourself when you begin your job search?

1. What are three questions you should ask yourself when you begin your job search?

2. What are the most common mistakes people make in preparing their résumés? 

3. What should you know about your prospective employer before the job interview?

4. What should the interviewee try to achieve during a job interview? What should you look for? What red flags should you watch for? 

5. What can you do in advance to prepare for the changes during the first year of employment? 

6. Create your own SWOT analysis. How would you respond to your personal strengths and weaknesses if you were a prospective employer? How can you enhance your strengths and improve in areas of weakness? 

7. Draw a career path for yourself, beginning with the present year and extending to the age of retirement. Be sure to include any “twists and turns” of the path you expect to experience along the way and any barriers you expect to encounter. How will you handle these experiences? 

Do an online nationwide search for information about current job prospects in nursing.Compare opportunities in various regions of the country. Why do you think these opportunities are the same or different? 

5. Develop a list of questions that you should ask a potential employer. What “homework” will you need to do to prepare for an interview?  

Sample Solution
  1. Three questions you should ask yourself when you begin your job search are:
  • What are my career goals?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What work environment would suit me best?
  1. The most common mistakes people make in preparing their résumés include:
  • Typos and grammatical errors
  • Too much information or irrelevant information
  • Not tailoring the résumé to the specific job or employer
  1. Before a job interview, you should know about your prospective employer:
  • The company’s mission, vision, and values
  • The company’s products or services
  • The company’s culture and work environment
  • The job requirements and responsibilities
  1. During a job interview, the interviewee should try to achieve:
  • Showcasing their qualifications and experience
  • Asking insightful questions about the job and the company
  • Building rapport with the interviewer

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