week 9 and 10 are separate assignments

week 9 and 10 are separate assignments and each need their own reference list. At least 2 references requires for each week. APA format. No certain page requirement as long as it covers the topics
Week 9 Journal
An advance directive is a legal document that defines a patients wishes for medical care. This document is a way for patients to share their wishes with family members and health care providers when their illness or mental capacity prevents them from making decisions. As an advanced practice nurse who has care discussions with patients and their families you need to not only be familiar with the process of completing an advance directive but also understand how this document might impact your role in patient care and treatment.
Journal Entry Part 1
For the first part of your journal entry reflect on the Five Wishes presented on the Five Wishes website and PDF and complete your Five Wishes. Explain your states requirements for advance directives including whether your Five Wishes can be turned into a formal document. (**I will message you the state i live in) Then explain how your experience of completing your Five Wishes advance directive will help you guide discussions with patients and their families. Finally explain how you might apply the Five Wishes advance directives to your nursing practice. Include how this advance directive might benefit patients in decision making for specialized areas of care.
** Five wishes reference https://class.waldenu.edu/bbcswebdav/institution/USW1/201750_27/MS_NURS/NURS_6540/readings/USW1_NURS_6540_fiveWishSample_Week%209.pdf
Journal Entry Part 2
For the second part of your journal entry reflect on geriatric patients from your practicum site with disorders related to specialized areas of care such as oncology nephrology urology gynecology and neurology. Describe a case of a frail elder patient who must make decisions related to specialized areas of care. Then explain potential patient outcomes and include whether treatments would be beneficial and how they would impact the patients quality of life. Finally describe the patients wishes in terms of treatments and interventions for the disorder (Was there an advanced directive?) and how the patient might want to spend any remaining time. Include how environmental factors such as family caregivers ethnicity culture religion and/or personal values might impact decision making for treatments and interventions. If you did not have an opportunity to evaluate a patient with this background during the last 9 weeks you can select a related case study or reflect on previous clinical experiences.
Week 10 Journal
Elder abuse is any intentional or negligent behavior that results in physical sexual emotional pharmacological and/or financial abuse. Unfortunately abuse is sometimes difficult to identify and elders are often hesitant or unable to report abuse themselves (Administration on Aging n.d.). This makes it important for health care providers to regularly monitor for signs of abuse and react according to local and state laws.
Journal Entry Part 1
For the first part of your journal entry select and describe one of the following types of elder abuse: physical sexual mental/emotional/verbal pharmacological or financial. Explain strategies for identifying this abuse. Then explain how you would proceed based on your local and state laws once you have identified this abuse in a patient. Describe resources in your community that assist victims of this type of abuse and explain how you as the advanced practice nurse might apply these resources for abused elders who are identified in the clinical setting.
Journal Entry Part 2
For the second part of your journal entry reflect on the different culturesethnic religious regional or generationalof the elder patient population at your practicum site. Describe the cultures you have observed and explain the influence of these cultures on the prevalence and detection of elder abuse. Then explain how culture might impact the way you would implement resources for preventing or addressing abuse.

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