Week 7 DQ 2 Theories of Therapy

Week 7 DQ 2 Theories of Therapy

Short-term theories have become popular in the past number of years due to the pressure from insurance companies and the legal needs to address the clients’ presenting problems. With this in mind, why might it be important to consider using solution-focused theory? It would be important to consider using SF theory because it is usually considered a short-term therapy generally one to ten sessions are necessary to help the client change their behavior (Murdock, 2013). Being that it only takes a short time to complete this method of therapy, insurance companies are more likely to cover the therapy sessions that are requested by the counselor. SF Therapy being that it is short term and strength focused will entice clients to remain in therapy. However, using SF brief therapy method may not be enough time to create an atmosphere where the client feels connected emotionally with the counselor, and without that connection could leave the client feeling misunderstood

Week 7 DQ 2 Theories of Therapy

Topic 1 DQ 2 Some might argue that a therapist’s theoretical orientation is irrelevant in the counseling process, and that only client outcomes matter. Others might argue that specific factors common across models of therapy-not specific theory or an approach endorsed by a counselor create a positive outcome. What do you think? Why? I think that theoretical orientation is important for counselors to have because it helps to maintain the focus of the counselor so that they do not get lost in the therapy. However, I think that it is important for counselors to realize that not one specific theory will fit for every client. It is imperative for counselors to be able to be flexible in their understanding of theories and be willing to seek consultation or adjust their theory to help their client. It is not helpful to jump from theory to theory because the counselor may not fully understand the theory but also the client is not benefiting from the treatment that goes a long within each theory. It would also be difficult for clients to keep track of their treatment plan if every time they go in for therapy the counselor is choosing different met

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