Week 6 DQ 2 Social Psychology

Week 6 DQ 2 Social Psychology

Why is it that some people will blame others for their misfortunes yet excuse themselves of responsibility when they fail? Explain the fundamental attribution error and the self-serving bias and offer some suggestions as to how to avoid those errors.

Week 6 DQ 2 Social Psychology
A thoughtful response supported by information from the textbook and other legitimate sources is expected each week. Please provide your resources

1.)Review the presentation on the 4th Amendment attached in the Week 6 Readings part of Content.  Attachment – to open the zip file:  save the file to your desktop, unzip the file, then select the .html file.  In addition, the same file is attached as a PowerPoint show (which you can view using the free PP viewer from Microsoft) or as a Movie (.mov) which you can view using QuickTime Player.  I also have a .pdf file with copies of the slides, if you wish to take notes as you listen, attached the Week 6 Readings section of Content.

Thinking about the 4th Amendment and issues that can occur when evidence is collected illegally: describe a scenario (which you have made up) where evidence can be collected legally without a search warrant.  Change the scenario so that although evidence could be collected initially from the crime scene legally without a warrant, circumstances changed so that a warrant is now needed.

2.)In your opinion, what would be a reasonable time frame for a speedy trial?  Take into account the following case scenarios.

  1. Person has been charged with cocaine distribution.  This person sold the substance to a narcotic informant.  The substance was analyzed and identified as cocaine by the forensic scientist.  This type of analysis may take 30-45 days.
  2. Person has been charged with 1st degree murder.  There are several eye witnesses to the crime.  The following forensic examinations have been requested on the handgun used to commit the crime:  latent prints, firearms and DNA.

Should the time frame vary depending on the type of criminal charges?  Would having various time frames based on the criminal charges violate the Sixth Amendment?  Please Explain.

Read the following Amendments (plus Commentary) to the Constitution:

  • 4th Amendment Annotated: There are 5 pages to this annotation: keep clicking on “Next”
  • 5th Amendment Annotated: There are 11 pages to this annotation: keep clicking on “Next”
  • 6th Amendment Annotated:  There are 11 pages to this annotation: keep clicking on “Next”
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