Week 4 Module Self-assessment

Week 4 Module Self-assessment

Please follow the direction below and use all the heading to make the follow of the paper easy to follow:

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Assignment Resources
Career Interest Self-assessment Packet (Course Materials Folder)
“What Can I Do with an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology (Course Materials folder)

Use the above resources and conduct external research as assigned below to complete the Week 4 Module Report.

The Week 4 Module Report differs in content from the other course Module Reports. The Week 4 report is a composite report based of career interest self-assessment, researching what one can do with an undergraduate degree in psychology and what education levels are necessary for practicing psychology and pursuing other work within the field.

This Module Report will include the following and should use the headings below to make the report contents easy to follow:

I. Career and Interest Self-assessment Results
As part to the Week 4 Module, you will engage in a self-assessment of interests and relate your assessment results to a list of occupations. The assessment tools used for this activity are located in the Self-assessment Packet subfolder in the classroom Course Materials folder.

In the RESOURCES FOLDER IS THE Self-assessment Packet subfolder you will find a file titled O-net Interest Inventory, and User’s Guide with information about how to use your results and an Occupations Master List for comparing your interest results to occupations listed with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook. The order of accessing these materials for the completion of your self-assessment assignment is: User’s Guide, Interest Inventory, and the Master List with interests matched to occupations. You may be tempted to just jump to the master list but it will be of little use in completing the assignment if you haven’t made use of the user’s guide and inventory instructions for completing the inventory and if you haven’t completed the inventory so you can use the score results.

Once you have completed the interest self assessment and used the user’s guide and compared your interests with occupations on the master list, write for inclusion in your Week 4 Module Report a summary of your where your strongest inventory identified interests fall on the RIASEC spectrum, some of the occupations the O-net materials suggest might be a good match with your interests and what you learned from self-assessing your interests. Keep in mind as you complete this part of the Week 4 Module that, a) inventories only tell you what you tell them, are useful in organizing your self-perception and have no magical mind-reading or fate determining powers, b) inventories are but one piece in a complex whole-person puzzle and other factors such as abilities and values play an important role in self-assessment, c) no inventory results can guarantee ability to be successful in an occupation but rather it offers information that can be used in continued exploration of occupations, and d) after completing an interest inventory one may be surprised by which occupations are related to self-identified interests. For example, funeral home director often shows up as related to self-assessment results produced by those who want to be psychologists or work in other “helping professions”. When one thinks of the bereaved state surviving loved ones are in when needing to use a funeral home service, it’s not surprising that the occupation of funeral home director might match to one’s self-described interest in helping others. It’s important not to reject an opportunity to self-explore because of how a job feels when hearing it as a possible match but rather to look for other jobs that appeal to ones interests, research them further and to consider what about the job one has the urge to reject without much thought might represent a match between one’s interests and a broader range of jobs in which one might have interest.

II. What Can I Do with A Degree in Psychology?

The above section heading question will be answered based on a document with the same name in the Course Materials folder, any relevant assigned textbook readings and one additional external professional/scholarly web source.

III. Do I Have to Go to Grad School and What Should My Undergraduate Degree Plan Be?

The above require a comparison of the education requirements for vsarious types of work in the field of psychology before reaching a conculsion. For this portion of the assignment, the online Occupational Outlook Handbook and your course textbook are good resources. Additional online resources may be used as long as they are professional and scholarly in nature. Your task is to determine which educational level is right for three specialty areas of psychology in which you have interest at the time of completing the Week 4 Module, and answer the following in this section: What aspects of working in those three specialty areas of psychology matches your career interests as assessed in Step I of this assignment, what is the degree level (bachelors, masters or doctoral) and the educational requirements for each of the three specialty areas, and, based on research of the APUS undergraduate catalog, which undergraduate courses in the APUS BA in Psychology best match the three areas you selected?

IV.I Need to Know More

In two substantive paragraphs at the end of the report summarize the most interesting information you located while completing it and describe at least one element of the report you learned about in the completion of the assignment about which you can see benefit in knowing more.



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