Week 4 DQ 2 Eight activities

Week 4 DQ 2 Eight activities

Discussion Question 2: Examine the “eight activities” which combine to create a secure prison environment (pages 415- 416 of the text) and choose the two which you believe are the most important. Can you think of any other activities which would help ensure prison security that are not listed? Explain your answers in at least 200 – 250 words. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings

Consistently implemented security policies and procedures in my mind wouldbe a good practice in prison. By implementing the security procedures desired within the prison it provides security to all staff and inmates. Where I work some employees try to bend the rules or create short cuts which in turnonly makes the job harder, instead of easier. We get written up and lose our bonus which doesn’t benefit us at all. Within the prison system,

AbstractThe relationship between human resource planning and an organization strategic development is important due to external and internal ecological changes. Many organizations are affected by turnover, retirements, and lack of training, skills and many more. Remotely, they are affectedby changes in innovation, changes in the economy, and changes in the business and shopper request that may oblige aptitudes that don’t presently exist inside of the organization. These effects have an impact on the amount of employees that are required for the business to stay effective.Discuss the relationship between human resource planning activities and the organizations strategic development and implementation.The link between human resource and strategic planning have critical resources whether it is small or large. The three main resources are technology, finance, and people skills. In many organization the main fundamental is the mission and the vision that the organization set forth. Having a mission and vision within an organization distinguish the purpose behind the utilizationof the asset. If the organization is successful then there would be a business plan in place that shows specifics on how the organization uses the three resources. TechnologyThe innovation asset alludes to the apparatuses or items used to make and/or convey an association’s item or administration. This asset could be as straightforward as a pen used to compose receipts or as refined as a PC framework that is utilized to outline an item. The administration group inside of an association distinguishes the proper innovation that is expected to accomplish the mission of the association. The sort and measure of innovation is dictated by how a lot of an administration or item the association needs to make or convey. A sum is recognized by the objectives plot in the vision articulation of the association and in the key arrangement. The sort is recognized by what is right now utilized as a part of the business and what might be best for the association and its main goal.There are three regions where techniques are produced for the innovation asset. The innovationkey arrangement is the arrangement that distinguishes how to: get the innovation; keep up the innovation; and adjust the innovation. When the sort and measure of innovation is distinguished,it anticipates where to buy them or construct them. Once acquired, this asset must be kept up togive ideal execution. As an association c

Week 4 DQ 2 Eight activities

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