WEEK 4 Direct Marketing Essay

WEEK 4 Direct Marketing

Learning Team Assignment: Direct Marketing 


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Consider the different types of direct marketing:

  • Mail order, such as catalogs or direct mail
  • Telemarketing and direct-response advertising, including infomercials and home-shopping networks
  • M-commerce, which is marketing directed at mobile communication devices, such as cell phones
  • Digital marketing/social media, such as email, Twitter, and Facebook 

Review the direct-marketing examples you have been collecting since Week 1. 

Design a form of direct marketing for the retailer you selected in Week 3. 

Answer the following questions in 700 to 1,050 words:

  • With which types of the direct marketing you collected were you already familiar? Which types were new to you?
  • Which forms of direct marketing captured your attention? Why?
  • Which forms of direct marketing did not capture your attention? Why?
  • What was the price of the product, and do you think the direct marketing selected was the best choice?
  • How responsive are you to direct-marketing strategies? Why?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing? What factors influenced the direct marketing you designed for your favorite retailer?
  • Briefly list what strategic elements in brand building need to be considered in addition to direct marketing.

Alternate Assignment Option: Instead of the paper described above, your team can choose to develop an 8- to 16-slide PowerPoint® presentation covering the same material. Use speaker notes as a way to indicate what is spoken and to expand on the slide content your team creates. Notes should be notes, not a full script.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.


BSCOM 384 WEEK 4 Direct Marketing

Explain why price fixing, price discrimination, resale price maintenance, pricing below cost, and unit pricing are concerns that customers should be aware of in today’s society. (One-developed paragraph)

2. Explain who uses marketing research and give an example of how they may use it. (One-developed paragraph)

3. List the seven key steps involved in new product development and explain each. (One-developed paragraph)

4. List and describe the six sources where you can obtain leads about a job opening. (3 to 4 well-developed paragraphs)

5. Describe the six-step process for career decision making. Provide examples of each step in the process. (2 to 3 well-developed paragraphs)

6. Describe and compare horizontally and vertically organized companies. (two-well developed paragraphs)

7. Explain the types of charts and graphs used in marketing. (one-developed paragraph)

8. Describe a monopoly. Is a monopoly legal in the U.S.; why or why not? Give examples of companies that have been declared monopolies. Explain the outcome of such cases.

9. Describe market share and market position. (one-developed paragraph)

10. Describe the just-in-time (JIT) inventory system and explain its advantages and its drawbacks. (one-developed paragraph)

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