Week 3 Discussion Viruses and Antivirus Utilities

Week 3 Discussion Viruses and Antivirus Utilities

Viruses and Antivirus Utilities”  Select one of the following and discuss in no less than three paragraphs, and have at least one response to another student of at least one paragraph:
  • Go to the web, research new worms or viruses. Analyze the primary manner in which one particular virus or worm was successful. Summarize the one way in which the virus or worm avoided defense mechanisms. Suggest at least two ways in which the infected parties could have protected themselves from the threat.
  • Identify the antivirus software that you currently use or would prefer to use in order to protect your organization or personal system(s). Indicate the key features that this application utilizes to assist in preventing infection from viruses and worms. Provide a rationale for your chosen antivirus software.
  • Any current topic or article related to penetration techniques.

The instructor insight.

Week 3 Discussion Viruses and Antivirus Utilities
Review the Sherwood Manufacturing case again and consider what you have learned about organizational cultures respecting diversity. In a 2-3 page paper:
  • Describe the elements of an organizational culture and how it might impact an organization to be considered inclusive.
  • Next, describe what you believe Sherwood’s organizational culture is currently.
  • Finally, consider what you believe would be an “ideal” inclusive organizational culture for Sherwood. Be specific and include as many aspects of the culture as possible.
    • Include what steps could be taken by Sherwood to meet this ideal culture.
    • Be creative as you apply what you have studied is important in order to demonstrate your understanding of how organizational culture can enhance a workforce’s goal of inclusivity.
  • Additional research is required for this assignment.

Writing Assignment

Read the Case: Union Baristas at Starbucks?
  • Summarize the case and your research that relates to the case in 1-2 paragraphs.
  • Explain the challenges IWW might expect to face in organizing workers at Starbucks.
  • Describe how well you think Starbucks is defending itself against the claims of the IWW. What other responses should the company consider using?
  • Assume the IWW was successful in organizing unions at Starbucks, explain what changes you would expect in the way the company manages those workers.

Write a 3-page paper in Word format. Apply current APA standards for writing style to your work and utilize outside resources in your response.

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