Week 3 Assignment Media Differentiation

Week 3 Assignment Media Differentiation

IntroductionThe assignment for the class is to buy advertising media for a client’s advertising campaign. Below is a paper describing the steps that should be used in selecting the right media venue. The five W’s and the three most important rules of media buying are discussed and why they should be used for the client. “The media has a long history of providing timely and useful information that has been instrumental in building our fledgling democracy. The freedom of the press guaranteed by our Constitution supported the journalistic function of the media, exemplified by the early newspapers.” (Sorce & Dewitz 2007)Media BuyingThe first thing that has to be done is a plan has to be developed. Find out what the client is selling and what direction they want the advertising to go. Using media for the planning is a must. Wasted time can be eliminated by using a few tricks and tips. According to Mediagistic, Inc. (2014), the following steps would be the best to use in deciding what media venue to use. 1.The first thing is to not let your pride get in your way. Be sure to make a smart choice in buying media. Do not let a rep talk you into something that is not good for your product.2.Its best to know a little about media rating points, reach, and frequency before you go to buy media. That way you will not b


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Week 3 Assignment Media Differentiation

Differentiating for Student Readiness and Interest

Differentiating for Student Readiness and Interest Differentiation means customizing direction to address individual needs. At its most fundamental level, Differentiation comprises of the exertions of instructors to react to fluctuation among learners in the classroom. At whatever point an instructor connects with an individual or little gathering to shift his or her instructing to make the best learning background conceivable, that educator is differentiating instruction (Adams, 2010). Based on what Mary knows and Davion’s interest in comics, I will effectively differentiate for content, process, and product based on student readiness and student inte………

EDU673: Instruct. Strat. for Differentiated Teach & Learn

About the Standards The CCSS for the State of North Carolina was implemented on June 2, 2010, with Common Core state standards in K-12 Mathematics and K-12 English Language Arts. The State of North Carolina adopted these state-led education standards to have clear and concise learning standards to prepare students for a successful college and workforce transition. The standards were developed by teachers, school administrators with a select group of politicians that had an interest in the state led development of the common core standards (ncpublicschools.org). The Purpose of the Common Core Standards, with the expectations of the CCSS, and the academic impact. The purpose of the common core state standards conception was to prepare student’s to enter a world in which colleges and businesses are demanding more than ever before because of the 21 st Century Skills. It is to ensure all students are ready for success after high school to prepare them for transitions into college and success in the workforce. What would be some of the expectations of the CCSS? The expectations of the Common Core State Standards are for students to reflect the skills and knowledge that they will need in order to succeed in college, career, and

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