Week 2 Television Show Promo Project

Week 2 Television Show Promo Project

Design a television program and create a promo outlining the characters and premise of the show.

Use one of the following options to create your promo:
• Script (1 page)
• Slide presentation (10 – 12 slides)
• Audio or video podcast (30 seconds and 2 minutes)

Week 2 Television Show Promo Project
When we say the cost of production is $50, what is meant according to economic


a. A firm had to spend $50 in order to purchase the resources required to make the

good or service.

b. A value to society of this good or service was $50, so its cost is said to be $50.

c. A firm could have made something else with the resources that was worth $50 in

the market.

d. $50 represents the maximum willingness to pay from market participants.

Definition and origins of rehabilitation in prison
  • Definition of parole and how it differs from mandatory release
  • Definition of probation and how it compares to other forms of sentencing
  • Definition and options of community corrections
  • Critique the current rehabilitation options:
    • Is there a better solution to the current parole process?
    • Is there a better solution to the current probation system?
    • Are there better solutions than the current community corrections options\


Research by finding an article or case study discussing ONE of the following computer crimes/incidents:

1) Network intrusions
2) Destruction of data and information
3) Denial of service attack
4) Theft of logins and passwords
5) Malicious code and programs
6) IP spoofing
7) Information warfare
8) Cyber-terrorism

Using at least 500 words – summarize the article you have chosen. You will be graded on Content/Subject Knowledge, Critical Thinking Skills, Organization of Ideas, and Writing Conventions.

must be APA formatted and plagiarism free

Week 1 Assignment
Research Project – Week One

Each week’s assignment in this class will lead up to the Research Project in Week Six. Before you work on Week One’s assignment, preview the Research Project in Week Six so you understand the final outcome of this project. Also, read this week’s lecture. If you are having a difficult time choosing your topic, please contact your instructor before the assignment is due for assistance. In a one- to two-page paper (not including the title and references pages), provide the following for your Research Project – Week One:

· Provide background information about your Research Project. (Why have you decided to do this research?)

· Describe the management dilemma. (What is the problem you are trying to solve with this research?)

· Develop a research question and hypothesis.

· Provide a summary of previously conducted scholarly research on similar topics that you can find through the Ashford University Library.

Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. It must include citations and references for the text and at least two scholarly sources from the Ashford University Library that you used as background research.

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