Week 2 Residential Care Part 1 Independent Living

Week 2 Residential Care Part 1 Independent Living, Home health and Home and Community-based Care, and Senior Housing OVERVIEW OF LONG TERM CARE I. Readings: A. Required: McSweeney and Oetjen: Part I (Chapter 2) Residential Settings for Long Term Care Services, Chapter Two, pages 19-24 and Chapter Three Komisar H, Cubanski J, Dawson […]

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HSM 340 Health Services Finance
freelance | May 27, 2017

HSM 340 Health Services Finance Week 1 Assignment; Financial Laws and Regulation DQ 1, Finance and the Regulatory Components DQ 2, Reimbursement and Payment Determination Week 2 DQ 1, Accounting Conventions and Methods DQ 2, Financial Performance Quiz Week 3 DQ 1, Cost Categories DQ 2, Cost Information Quiz Week 4 DQ 1, Financial Sources […]

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DEVRY NR439 WEEK 5 and week 6 discussions
freelance | May 27, 2017

week 5 Measurement Strategies (graded) Describe what reliability means in terms of research and why it is important. How does a researcher ensure that reliability is maintained in instruments and between raters? Data Collection (graded) Download the Class Survey from Doc Sharing and answer the questions. You are not to submit your answers, nor is […]

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What strategy is used for patients with multiple diseases that exceed the scope of single patient management protocols?
freelance | May 27, 2017

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PUBH 6235 Week 8: Study Design/Internal Validity-Health Promotion Programs

PUBH 6235 Week 8: Study Design/Internal Validity Please respond to the following questions either by writing the design name or by describing the design using standard notation (X = program, O=observation, R= random assignment). For each design, please discuss all threats to internal validity. 1. a. Design: Single group post-test only b. Internal validity threats: […]

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Review the PharmaCARE/CompCARE scenario in Assignment 2 to complete this assignment.
freelance | May 27, 2017

Review the PharmaCARE/CompCARE scenario in Assignment 2 to complete this assignment. Write a ten to twelve (10-12) page paper in which you: Research three to five (3-5) ethical issues relating to marketing and advertising, intellectual property, and regulation of product safety. Argue for or against Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) marketing by drug companies. Determine who regulates compounding […]

What are the three specifications for defining work assignments to external consultants?

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HCS 449 Week 1 Health Care Summary / UoP
freelance | May 27, 2017

Week 1 Health Care Summary Reflect on everything you have learned throughout the program. Write a 150-350 word reflection discussing the following: Do you feel moving forward with a profession in health care is the best option for you? What area within health care will you like to work in? Why? Get a 10 % […]

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SCI 228 Week 3 Quiz
freelance | May 27, 2017

SCI 228 Week 3 Quiz 1. (TCO 3) The process of adding hydrogen to an unsaturated fatty acid and creating a more solid fat is called: 2. (TCO 3) Which of the following describes lipids? 3. (TCO 6) To facilitate the digestion of dietary fats, the gallbladder stores and releases a substance known as: 4. […]

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freelance | May 27, 2017

WEEK 3 Socialization for the Nurse Returning to School (graded) As you enter your RN-BSN educational program, you are again going through a period of socialization or transformation. As you learn more about the roles of the BSN-prepared nurse, how can you use other nurses with BSNs and higher degrees to help you in your […]

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