Week 2 Electronic Ad Campaign

Week 2 Electronic Ad Campaign

BCOM 300 Week 2 Electronic Ad Campaign Coursework Sample

The client wanted me to write about an electronic ad campaign using the first person. i was required to choose a product which i will use for the ad campaign. source..
BCOM 300 Week 2 Electronic Ad Campaign Name Institution Products: Pampers and Human Hair The target audience for pampers is young mothers and guardians who use baby products as part of their daily routine. Most of the young mothers get disappointed by the existing brands due to low quality and high prices. For the human hair, I will target young campus ladies and middle-class women who have a sense of fashion. Human hair is more expensive than the ordinary braids and adds a feeling of elegance to the appearance. The best electronic media for pampers and human hair is Television. Television advertising has the longest reach and is a favorable option for presenting a consistent message. The television advertising is entertaining and takes a s…

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Week 2 Electronic Ad Campaign
Entrepreneurship and innovation

Introduction: Definition of the terms
Entrepreneurship is the process of coming up with a new idea. This definition is broadly described as the capacity and willingness to come up with the idea, ability to organize and manage the business opportunity with a target of making a profit. This may involve designing the idea, the launching process and finally the implementation (Phills, Deiglmeier & Miller, 2016). The idea must be viable venture with respect to the available capital and other relevant startup capital. Entrepreneurship may be practiced within the business where the company indulges in expanding its production lines through incorporating new ideas. This may be from the top management or the dedicated staff who perceive the work as part of their own duties and who view business success as their individual success. This may possibly be due to the availability of motivating factors and effective management that supports their contributions if valid.
Innovation on the other hand is basically the process of translating the new ideas into a valuable service or good. This must at all times be able to replicate into reasonable output at economical cost (Petev, Simeonova, Dinev & Dineva, 2015). However, innovation is always geared to solving a need. It is a result of critical analysis of information relevant or may result from ones imagination that eventually converts the ideas into very useful ventures. When these ideas are applied into the company, it then targets to meet some customer expectations and needs. Research may sometimes form a basic roadmap to effective innovation since a vast knowledge is gathered and upon its integration a new idea may be born. Innovation helps in practicable in all businesses and its currently being integrated in the most recognized success factor that has driven the most successful companies to their current state (Windrum & Koch, 2011). If made part of the organizational culture then the company will have absolutely unique and more customer friendly services and goods whose market will extraordinarily be recognized in the market. Innovation is therefore a tool to eliminate competition challenges. To the customers, innovation brings better products as the company tries to be more innovative to reach the customer expectations.
Innovation theory is the way in which the advancements gain traction and spread or move throughout a particular group of people over time. The advancement can be technologically, behavioural, product or coming up with new ideas (Morris, Avila & Allen, 2013). Entrepreneurship and innovation are inseparable because the entrepreneur uses innovation in exploiting and creating opportunity and change aiming at making or maximizing the profit. Therefore for an entrepreneur to be at least successful he or she has to be in some way innovative. There are a number of theories that seek to explain innovation and entrepreneurship.
To start with, I focus on the diffusion theory of innovation in which this theory explains or tries to give more information on why, how and the rate at which the ideas that’s the new ideas and technology is spread. The theory explains on the reasons why the innovation is wanted why is relevant to be undertaken or adopted. It gives the way, channels and how the innovation or the new ideas can be implemented or be put into real business (Johnson, 2011). The theory also focuses on the spread or the rate at which this new ideas can be adopted and be spread to other areas or to other people within or from other regions. This theory has five key elements, that is; innovation, adopters, communication channels, time and social system. An innovation can be a new idea, object or practice that need to be adopted by a particular party. Adopters are the individuals, companies or organizations within a certain social network who intend to adopt the innovation (Martin, 2015). Communication channels are the ways or paths that information follows from one unit the other in order to spread. The time is the period in which the innovation takes to be fully adopted. This also includes external influences such as the governmental and organizational mandate. From this theory we can depict out that for innovation to be successful there are some elements which support and help it to be a success.
Entrepreneurship innovation theory states that an entrepreneur is an individual who innovative, creative and has some foresight. That is an individual who can be able to come up with ne……….



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