Race and Ethnicity SLSO1004/SOCL1034 Section 8A

Race and Ethnicity SLSO1004/SOCL1034 Section 8A

(Summer 2018)

Assignment Six (20 points):

Please read over your lecture notes on Middle-eastern (Muslim)-Americans as well as the articles from the following websites.


Analyze the articles and your notes and write an essay on Islamophobia in America incorporating the following points

What does it mean when we say that Muslim-Americans are ethnically and racially diverse?
Does the general class standing of Muslim-Americans reflect their status as a minority? If not, what does?
What do the articles refer to when they imply that Islamophobia as well as discrimination against Muslims is not a private action but rather a state project?

Please refer to accompanying rubric for writing organization and grading expectations

Chapter 10 begins by emphasizing the importance of aligning marketing and PR goals and measurements of success toward important organizational goals. “For most corporations, the most important goal is profitable revenue growth. In newer companies and those built around emerging technologies, this usually means generating new customers, but in mature businesses, the management team may need to be more focused on keeping the customers that they already have.” (Scott 2015)

Based upon the above, a social media marketing campaign should be developing measurable strategies, tactics and objectives to measure progress and contribute to organization goals. This enables the opportunity to develop regular evaluation and corrective actions to stay on track to achieving organizational objectives.

1. What are some of the social media goals that might contribute to profitable revenue growth? Share your thoughts and examples.

Select an organization that you believe to be particularly good at interacting with its customers and leveraging the power of social media. (See Facebook Ted Video above for an example). You could make this selection based upon your own experiences or do some web research to identify an exemplar. (If you have an interest in this area, you could use a not-for-profit organization for your case analysis). Specifically describe their customer interaction strategies. Provide specific examples to reinforce your argument that they represent an industry exemplar in this area. As you support your assertions , make sure to use the various models and frameworks described in your readings. Ideally, if you are a customer of this organization, include some of your own personal perspectives on the ways in which the firm’s social media strategies and customer relationship management have created value for you. (750 words).

Consultative Case study – 1,000 words

Select an organization that you believe is significantly under-performing in terms of their social media and associated customer relationship management (CRM) strategies. Assume that you are a consultant to this organization. Make sure that you specifically describe areas of under-performance using the models and frameworks described in your readings. Next, provide a set of recommendations that you believe would improve their overall performance in this area. What kinds of things could this firm do to improve their performance in interacting with their customers and potential customers using internet and social media technologies? Try to also leverage your learning from previous modules where we have discussed approaches to value creation and the associated capturing of value.

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