Policies Programs and Services

Policies Programs and Services

Required Readings
Hooyman and Kiyak Text: Chapters 1 through 12, and 16.

The following are highly recommended resources for assessing your community, as required in this lesson’s paper. (Randolph MA .02368)
1. For information about your town, city, county or state demographics and general description, type its name into your browser. You can then explore the home pages of relevant sites for what you need. There may also be a Chamber of Commerce website for your community that has additional information. Note that services for most rural areas are probably indexed under county or state resources.
2. For information about services for older adults in your area go to www.eldercare.gov Enter your zip code to get information about how to access your Area Agency on Aging.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you become more aware of the services for aging adults that are available in your community, and to encourage you to make direct contact with selected providers and consumers of these services. Of particular interest here is the recognition that basic services for all community residents are the backbone of what is needed by older adults as well.
Start with those basic elements of your community environment before going on to more specialized services designed solely for its older residents. Using this information, write a 6 pages paper in which you:
1. Describe your community as to location, geography, size, transportation, recreational, economic, cultural, and demographic characteristics, including the break-down of various age groups in the population.
2. Conduct a survey of your community’s services, both general and specific to aging people. You may find it helpful to start with your town/city/county/local area Agency on Aging websites (information about how to access these can be found under “Readings and Resources” for this lesson). You may include any number of services in your survey. I suggest that you present information in table format to shorten the paper. For each service, give available information about eligibility requirements, fees, and type(s) of services provided. You may find it difficult to get some of the information you are looking for, and if so, this experience is important to describe in your paper, too (consider that the consumer probably has less skill that you do in searching, and will probably not find it either).
3. Conduct interviews with at least six people. The following breakdown is suggested:
· 3 people aged 65 and older
· 2 health care professionals
· 1 administrator of a community service for older adults
4. Structure your interviews to obtain the following information:
a. For the older adults:
i. Does the person being interviewed know about the services you found on your survey?
ii. Have they used any of these services?
iii. Would they use or refuse services in the future?
iv. What problems do they perceive with aging-related issues now or in the future?
v. Where would they go for help should they need it?
vi.What are their hopes and fears for the future?
vii.How well is the community responding to the needs of its elders?
viii.What is needed that is not available?
ix. Who should provide for these unmet needs?
x. What can older members of the community contribute to the community?
b. For providers and administrator:
i. What problems do they perceive with aging-related services now or in the future?
ii.How well is the community responding to the needs of its elders?
iii. What is needed that is not available?
iv. Who should lead the effort to evaluate needs and services for older adults?
v. Who should plan for meeting these needs?
vi. Who should pay for services to meets the needs of aging adults in the community?

c. Comment on whether the responses to questions a-ix (older adults) and b-vi (providers and administrator) fit with your impressions of how U.S. policy is currently written.
5.Based on your assessment findings, summarize the positive and negative aspects of the quality of life for older adults who live in your community.
As usual, please use your text and additional required materials, as well as any other sources, as needed, to write this paper. Be sure to cite the sources you use by applying either APA or MLA formats. Note that you should, in order to preserve the confidentiality of people you interview, not use their real names in your paper. I suggest that you use either first names or initials when you refer to these interviewees.

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