P.O.W.E.R. Learning, Ch. 1: Becoming an Expert Student

P.O.W.E.R. Learning, Ch. 1: Becoming an Expert Student

ThIt was during the second week of classes that the questioning started. Until then, Jesse had been fairly confident in his decision to enroll at a college in the Denver suburbs to gain training to be a medical technician. He had been excited to try something new and to start a new career, but more and more he was wondering if he’d made the right choice.

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To get to campus, Jesse had to take a forty-five-minute bus ride, because his wife needed the car to get to her office in downtown Denver. Jesse was also keeping his part-time job as an executive assistant at a doctor’s office, a job that meant another long commute. And on top of that, Jesse needed to find time among work, classes, and studying to help care for his five-year-old son.

Maybe, Jesse was beginning to think, college hadn’t been such a good idea. True, he could earn more money as a medical technician and begin a more promising career. But was it really worth all this added time and stress? Plus, Jesse had never done very well academically. Why would college be any different? If he wanted to make more money, he could just add more shifts at his current job.

Why bother with college? Jesse thought to himself. What an expense, and what a hassle. For what?e Case of

Review the following questions answer in 150 word for each questions. This doesn’t have to be in APA format

1. What arguments could you provide Jesse as to the value of a college education?

2. Do you think that Jesse’s doubts are common?

3. What might you suggest that Jesse do to help deal with his doubts about the value of college?

4. Why might a student’s doubts about the value of college be especially strong during the beginning weeks of college?

5. Do you share any of Jesse’s concerns about the value of a college education? Do you have additional ones?

P.O.W.E.R. Learning, Ch. 8: Making Decisions and Problem Solving

The Case of

Erica had a problem.

She and her friend Karen had found a two-bedroom apartment to share for the upcoming year. The apartment was on the expensive side, but they had decided that it was worth it because it was in a great location. She and Karen had jointly paid the security deposit on the apartment. However, because Karen hadn’t been around when it came time to sign the lease, only Erica had signed it. Consequently, Erica was legally responsible for fulfilling the terms of the lease.

Now, only two weeks before they were scheduled to move in, Karen told Erica that she had realized she couldn’t afford the rent and that she had decided she had to live with her parents. Erica was simultaneously furious with Karen and panicky at the thought of having to pay the rent by herself.

How was she going to deal with the problem?

Review the following questions answer in 150 word for each questions. This doesn’t have to be in APA format

1. Is the problem a purely financial and legal one, or are there personal and social considerations that should be taken into account in solving the problem?

2. Is the problem solely Erica’s problem, or should Karen take responsibility for solving it as well?

3. What alternatives does Erica have for dealing with the situation?

4. How should Erica go about evaluating the outcomes for each alternative?

5. Based on your analysis of the problem, what advice would you give Erica for dealing with the situation?



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