NURS 100 Fundamentals of Nursing

NURS – Nursing

NURS – Nursing

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  • NURS 100 Fundamentals of Nursing
  • NURS 101L Fundamentals of Nursing Skills Lab
  • NURS 110 Introduction to Professional Nursing
  • NURS 120 Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursing
  • NURS 121L-A Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursing Practicum
  • NURS 121L-B Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursing Practicum – On-Campus
  • NURS 180 Pharmacology
  • NURS 190 Physical Assessment
  • NURS 199 LVN Credit
  • NURS 199D Advanced Placement Credit (LVN)
  • NURS 199E Advanced Placement Credit (LPN)
  • NURS 201 Medical Surgical Nursing-Promoting Wellness
  • NURS 210L RN Skills Laboratory
  • NURS 210L-AB RN Skills Laboratory
  • NURS 211L Medical Surgical Nursing
  • NURS 222 Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing: Promoting Wellness in the Mentally Ill C
  • NURS 223L Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing: Promoting Wellness in the Mentally Pra
  • NURS 225 Nutrition in Health and Disease
  • NURS 306 Expanding Family and Community (OB)
  • NURS 307 Developing Family and Community (PEDS)
  • NURS 316L-A Expanding and Developing Family and Community Practicum (OB)
  • NURS 317L-A Developing Family and Community Practicum (PEDS)
  • NURS 340 Public Health Nursing
  • NURS 340A Public Health Nursing
  • NURS 340B Public Health Nursing
  • NURS 342L Public Health Nursing Practicum
  • NURS 350 Research in Nursing
  • NURS 420 Principles of Leadership and Management
  • NURS 431 Disaster Management
  • NURS 440 Issues and Trends in Nursing
  • NURS 480 Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing: Promoting Wellness in the Critically Ill
  • NURS 481L Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing: Promoting Wellness in the Crit Pr
  • NURS 490RN Nursing Capstone for Post-Licensure Students
  • NURS 491L Integration of Nursing Practices
  • NURS 492 Nursing Capstone
  • NURS 493 Integration of Nursing Concepts
  • NURS 495H Global Perspectives in Nursing & Healthcare Delivery
  • NURS 495L Community Practice Experience
  • NURS 495L-A Community Practice Experience
  • NURS 495L-B Community Practice Experience
  • NURS 495T Transition into Practice
  • NURS 496L-A Community Practice Experience – Non-PHN
  • NURS 496L-B Community Practice Experience – Non-PHN
  • NURS 497 Nursing Capstone
  • NURS 491L Integration of Nursing Practices
  • NURS 499 Independent Study in Nursing
  • NURS 499A Independent Study in Nursing
  • NURS 500 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice
  • NURS 510 Policy Organization and Financing Healthcare
  • NURS 521 Ethics in Healthcare
  • NURS 530 APRN Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • NURS 530A APRN Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • NURS 530B APRN Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • NURS 535 Principles of Teaching and Learning
  • NURS 540 Research Utilization
  • NURS 550 Advanced Practice Role Development
  • NURS 561 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • NURS 570 Advanced Pharmacology
  • NURS 580 APRN Advanced Health/Physical Assessment
  • NURS 590A Advanced Clinical Concepts
  • NURS 590B Advanced Clinical Concepts
  • NURS 591L-A Advanced Clinical Practice Practicum
  • NURS 591L-B Advanced Clinical Practice Practicum
  • NURS 592 Advanced Clinical Practice: Theory
  • NURS 593L Advanced Clinical Practice: Practicum
  • NURS 594 Advanced Practice Theory: Nursing Leadership
  • NURS 595L-A Advanced Practice: Nurse Leader Practicum I
  • NURS 595L-B Advanced Practice: Nurse Leader Practicum II
  • NURS 669L FNP Residency II
  • NURS 601 FNP Bridge Course
  • NURS 601A FNP Bridge course
  • NURS 601B FNP Bridge course
  • NURS 610 Curriculum Design
  • NURS 620 Educational Administration
  • NURS 631 Simulation & Clinical Nursing Education
  • NURS 640 Curriculum Design and Simulation
  • NURS 641L Education-Teaching Practicum
  • NURS 641LA Education Teaching Practicum
  • NURS 641LB Education Teaching Practicum
  • NURS 642 Assessment and Evaluation in Nursing Education
  • NURS 650 Healthcare Outcomes
  • NURS 651 Leadership Development
  • NURS 652 Organization Behavior
  • NURS 655 Database Systems, Design and Informatics
  • NURS 656 Project Management in Healthcare Informatics
  • NURS 658 Interoperability and Standards
  • NURS 659 Implementation, Management, and Evaluation of Healthcare Systems
  • NURS 660 Advanced Practice Nursing Role
  • NURS 662 Primary Care Pediatric Patient: Theory, Pharmacology and Practice
  • NURS 662A Primary Care Pediatric Patient: Theory
  • NURS 662B Primary Care Pediatric Patient: Theory
  • NURS 662L Primary Care Pediatric Patient: Practicum
  • NURS 662L-A Primary Care Pediatric Patient: Practicum
  • NURS 662L-B Primary Care Pediatric Patient: Practicum
  • NURS 663 Primary Care Adult and Geriatric Patient: Theory, Pharmacology & Practice
  • NURS 663A Primary Care Adult and Geriatric Patient: Theory
  • NURS 663B Primary Care Adult and Geriatric Patient: Theory
  • NURS 663L Primary Care Adult and Geriatric Patient: Practicum
  • NURS 663L-A Primary Care Adult and Geriatric Patient: Practicum
  • NURS 663L-B Primary Care Adult and Geriatric Patient: Practicum
  • NURS 664 Primary Care Women’s Health: Theory, Pharmacology and Practice
  • NURS 664A Primary Care Women’s Health Theory
  • NURS 664B Primary Care Women’s Health Theory
  • NURS 664L Primary Care Women’s Health: Practicum
  • NURS 664L-A Primary Care Women’s Health: Practicum
  • NURS 664L-B Primary Care Women’s Health Practicum
  • NURS 665 Care Management and Coordination – Theory
  • NURS 665A Care Management and Coordination – Theory
  • NURS 665B Care Management and Coordination – Theory
  • NURS 668L Advanced Health Care Residency
  • NURS 668L-A Advanced Health Care Residency
  • NURS 668L-B Advanced Health Care Residency
  • NURS 670 Innovation in Nursing and Healthcare Systems
  • NURS 671 Global Health
  • NURS 672 Data Management in Healthcare
  • NURS 673 Legal and Social Issues in Health Informatics
  • NURS 674 Creation and Application of Health Knowledge
  • NURS 675L-A Health Informatics Practicum I
  • NURS 675L-B Health Informatics Practicum II
  • NURS 675L Health Systems Lab
  • NURS 676 Advanced Pharmacology – FNP
  • NURS 676A Advanced Pharmacology – FNP specific
  • NURS 676B Advanced Pharmacology – FNP specific
  • NURS 677 Intro to Healthcare Informatics
  • NURS 680 Advanced Health/Physical Assessment – FNP
  • NURS 680A Advanced Health/Physical Assessment – FNP specific
  • NURS 680B Advanced Health/Physical Assessment – FNP specific
  • NURS 690A Culminating Experience I
  • NURS 690B Culminating Experience II
  • NURS 691A Culminating Experience I
  • NURS 691B Culminating Experience II
  • NURS 692A Culminating Experience I
  • NURS 692B Culminating Experience II
  • NURS 693A Culminating Experience I
  • NURS 693B Culminating Experience II
  • NURS 694A Culminating Experience I
  • NURS 694B Culminating Experience II


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