Global Food Problem Coursework Paper

Global Food Problem Coursework Paper

There is increased awareness in food security that has consumed the world. With most nations affected consisting of both the developed and least developed. Food insecurity is a great problem across the globe, with each government finding ways of alleviating the causes with the hardest hit depending on donor funding. The number affected due to food insecurity is quite bigger, with parts of Africa and Asia included. There are estimates that half of the people around the globe could face food shortage (Billions of People Face Food Shortages Due to Global Warming) at the end of this century.

According to the United Nations, there are more than 6 million people facing drought in Syria. It is also noted that this could put the more than 6 million lives at risk, due to shortage of rainfall and the raging civil war that hit the country since 2008, leading to most irrigation lands being destroyed. The World Food Program reports that Syria’s food shortage is the most complex with supplies being cut due to reduced support from donors, because of the soaring costs in alleviating hunger (UN warns drought could push millions more Syrians into hunger, 2014). Global Food Problem Coursework Paper

On the other hand, despite America being the world’s wealthiest country, close to 17 million American children are faced by the problem of food insecurity. Most children cannot get food and most are mainly fed through the National School Lunch Program, with the food stamp program being used by nearly close to 43 million Americans (Food Stamps Used by Record 42.2 Million Americans This Thanksgiving, 2012). Global Food Problem Coursework Paper

Lack of access to food is a global problem. Countries need to find ways of overcoming food insecurity. This is because food is a critical component of ensuring a healthy population. Global Food Problem Coursework Paper

Global Food Problem Coursework Paper
Sample Paper 2
Developing a Culture of Safety in Health Care Organizations

A culture that promotes and supports safety and safety efforts is a vital element in the healthcare as well as the industrial sector. Galt and Paschal (2011) argued that the safety of the patient is a process and structure whose function aims at reducing the possible adverse events arising from exposure to the healthcare systems across a range of diseases and processes. In this, the safety of the patient is a highly valued aspect and focus is laid on the improvement of system performance rather than blame on the side of the individual.

The health systems should develop a culture that advocates for error reporting and disclosure of the errors. A framework of error identification and reporting should be set, with communication on safety matters of the effected persons clearly spelt out. Everyone whether as an individual or a team is mandated to constant and active awareness of the potential of things to go wrong with mistakes being appreciated at all levels. This leads to a culture of openness and fairness as people feel free and encouraged to speak about mistakes without any blame. This is because the safety of the patient wellbeing is a vital element in the quality of the health care and therefore issues that impact the outcomes and the concerns of the patients’ safety are prioritized.

Lack of proper strategies may affect those who specialize in reporting. They may fear to report cases or conditions, especially if those cases seem to endanger the quality and safety of the patient. Therefore a culture that supports disclosure of such information is critical. This can be done when those who report are protected, thus promoting quality and safety data accurately. According to Byers and White (2004), the purpose of reporting in an organization should be to identify the system vulnerabilities and aid in developing action plans that minimize such vulnerabilities put in place. This promotes the safety of the patient.



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