Community Windshield Survey Essay Sample

Community Windshield Survey Essay Sample

Caring for Populations: Milestone1: Community Windshield Survey Form Directions: Please mention to the Milestone 1: Community Windshield Survey Guidelines and rating rubric found in Doc Sharing for specific instructions in order to finish the information below. This assignment is deserving 150 points. Your Name: Karen WilliamsDate: 5/17/15

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1. Community debut:
Identify the community you will be utilizing for this assignment. It should be the country where you live or the country environing your work scene. I used the Homestead. Florida community environing the country of my work scene. It’s a little sized. preponderantly agricultural community that’s demoing marks of urban sweetenings in some countries. Driving through the community on different yearss and times I was able to witness the alteration of ambiance. While during the twenty-four hours occupants are invariably on the move making their concern. at dark clip there are few people outside on the street. 2. Windshield study

a. verve
The people seeable in the community were chiefly labourers working in the agricultural Fieldss or with landscaping companies. every bit good as. a few building workers. The prevailing age appeared to be older grownups over age of 30. with striplings and immature female parents with babes in manus as the 2nd largest group. A few aged were noted in the community traveling around utilizing wheelchairs or Walkers. The most common ethnicity is Hispanics. The occupants wore clean vesture that showed marks of wear. No obvious marks of drugs or intoxicant influence. The prevailing age group is corpulent. Visitors noted in the community chiefly by fast nutrient eating houses with out of province licence home bases. B. Indexs of societal and economic conditions

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Multi-family structures/apartment edifices. some with grounds of decrepitude but chiefly near the rural portion of the community. Closer to the centre of the community. new places are being constructed closer to the infirmary by a private contractor. Public transit by agencies of coachs and streetcars are the chief signifiers of travel. Covered coach sheds with benches are provided by Miami-Dade Transit. which is easy accessible and close to the infirmary and schools. A coach halt was besides noted on the infirmary compound. Rural country with tonss of farming area. Both male and female labourers. every bit good as. migratory workers be givening to the harvests and taking attention of the land. Very few political marks and wellness instruction hoardings. Health instruction is preponderantly displayed on the sides of the coachs in Spanish and English. There are simple. center and high school nowadays in the community. The day care centres are in private places of occupants. c. Health resources

There’s merely one infirmary that serves this community located on the chief traveled street and is easy accessible by coach or auto. A diabetic and CHF clinic is besides present in the community that opens merely during twenty-four hours clip. There’s a nursing place for the aged funded by the county. CVS and Walgreens pharmaceuticss located about on the outskirts of the community. The resources are non sufficient to turn to the other job of fleshiness noted in the community. More outreach plans are needed to make the poorer occupants in the rural portion of the community. d. Environmental conditions related to wellness

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Some houses and multi-family constructions are in demand of fix. Older places with burglar cogent evidence metal bars on doors and Windowss. Road are good paved with equal traffic visible radiations and drainage. However. roads taking into rural agricultural countries are ungraded roads but without chuckholes and deep drains noted to the sides. No grounds of dumping of refuse on roadways or corners. The pavements and edifices are handicapped accessible but the ma and dad stores/grocery are non accessible. Two resort areas were being utilized for free after school activities. A YMCA is located on the chief traveled street within close propinquity to the infirmary. e. Social operation

The households in the community consist of more than one coevals and supervising of the kids is done by the grandma. There’s a vicinity friendliness noted by the mode in which they greeted each other on the streets. Signs bespeaking vicinity ticker in consequence were present. By one of the smaller vicinity shops a community board was noted but the information was merely in Spanish. The Catholic church was the chief topographic point of worship ; at least two was noted in the community with one little Pentecostal church nowadays. f. Attitude toward health care

Herbal medical specialty stores are more pre-dominant in the community. There was one store that had a mark “spiritual healing” hanging from the window. The diabetic and CHF clinic was packed during the twenty-four hours taking to the premise that it’s good utilised. On street light poles there were marks publicizing a wellness carnival with free wellness showing at the infirmary to happen in two hebdomads. In forepart of the YMCA a big streamer was present exposing information of upcoming free workshops on healthy feeding. weight direction. and wellness showings. 3. Decision:

Community Windshield Survey Essay Sample



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