Advocates Are Agents for Positive Social Change

Advocates Are Agents for Positive Social Change

According to the Advocacy Self-Assessment, I was able to discover some of areas of strength and also weaknesses. The areas of strength according to this assessment included passion and positive outlook. I discovered that I am much passionate about my work as a professional. Because of this, I believe that I am able to make a positive difference in my profession as an advocate. Another strength that I have according to the assessment is curiosity in the field (Jansson, 2003, p 93). In this profession, I always try to stay much aware of all the current issues that surround my profession. Whenever there is an issue, I always look at it in a multiple perspective. In doing this, I am able to brainstorm solutions to such problems within my profession. Lastly, I have got a strength in vision and goals. I am able to envision my field the one it is supposed to be viewed. In addition to this, I am also much committed in realizing positive change.

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Despite this, there are key areas that in need to gown in so as to be an effective advocate with reference to this test. One of the key area I need to emphasize on is communication. According to this test, I found that I am not an effective communicator. I am not able to persuade and even find a common ground with other professionals in the field whenever there are critical issues to be handled. Because of this, I need to learn how to be good in communication with my fellow professionals (Jansson, 2003, p 154). Another area that I need to strengthen on is the issue of being realistic. According to this assessment, I found that I am not realistic enough to understand that although it is very vital to be passionate and even have a positive outlook, advocacy and even positive change requires efforts that can involve taking a stand which might not be popular (Cummins, Byers & Pedrick, 2011, P 36). This is another area of weakness that I have to strengthen on so that I can become an effective advocate professional.

According to the knowledge gained from the self-assessment, reading from the unit and the book, advocacy can be defined as an action that is directed at changing some of the policies, positions or any programs for any kind of institution (Sharma, 1996, p 4). It involves pleading for, defending and even recommending several ideas that might be helpful for the people. During advocacy, it is expected that the advocates are supposed to draw the community’s attention to an important issue. In conjunction to this, they are expected to direct the decision makers towards the best solutions for the benefit of the community (Sharma, 1996, p 4). There is need to work with the other people as well as organizations so as to make a positive difference and aim towards changing an organization or even to alter it entire system.

A brief summary of work of Hellen Keller

Helen Keller was an American author, a lecturer and also a political activist. She was the first deafblind person to pursue a bachelor’s degree in art. Currently, there is a museum at her place of birth which is West Tuscumbia. During her active times, she was a very active, well-traveled and an outspoken person in any of her convictions. She was a member of Socialist Party of America as well as the Industrial Workers of the World (Herrmann, 1991, p 32). She championed in the campaign against women suffrage, socialism, labor rights as well as other social injustices. She was an eloquent person who was able to convince people in any conviction. In addition to this, Helen Keller was very realistic in all her ideas.


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